Taking a Look at the Tech Side of Online TV Streaming Services and How They Work

The online TV streaming services have made our lives a lot easier. There was a time when people used to travel to different countries to watch their favorite sports. And everybody couldn’t afford to go to different countries to watch the sports or concerts. So, these people kept blaming their luck for not being able to afford some money to watch their favorite sports or concerts.

Then the time came when different TV channels started showing the recorded videos of different sports and concerts. But the people were still unhappy as they were unable to see the live performances of their favorite celebrities. So, the TV channels struggled a lot and finally found a way to display live sports, shows, and concerts to the audience.

And today, we are taking advantage of this amazing facility. For example, if you live in the UK, you can purchase the UK IPTV box to watch your favorite live shows, sports, concerts and much more. And the best part is that it cost you only a few bucks to enjoy all these services.

But none of us has ever thought about finding that what technology is actually working behind the scene that is enabling these TV channels to display live streams on their channels. Today, we are going to reveal some facts about this topic and we believe that it will help in enhancing your knowledge about online TV streaming services. Here is the information about how online TV Streaming Services work.


Most of these streaming services take help from the satellites that are working in the space. The satellites are launched into space at a fixed speed so that it may reach its destination. Thus, these online streaming services boost their signals to the satellites and the satellites convert transfer those signals to your TV screen. Sometimes, you need to purchase the TV boxes for this purposes and sometimes, you can directly catch those channels by setting your dish at a particular angle.

The receiver is connected to the dish to receive the channels at a particular frequency. These satellites expire after a specific period of time and then a new satellite is launched from the earth to replace the previous one.

Submarine cables

Some companies have built their server rooms in different parts of the world and all these servers are connected to the main server with the help of the submarine cables. These are the cables that are used to connect you to the world of internet. And these cables are also participating in bringing your favorite TV channels to your TV screen. Thus, the online tv streaming services make use of these cables to display live shows, sports, and concerts.