SEO Statistics You Can Learn

SEO is changing every day, and every company needs constant optimisation of their websites to be ahead of their competition. It has become a race, and those who pay less attention to the optimisation of their websites are comparatively losing the sales about similar websites. The only thing which can preserve the reputation of your website is your buyer persona value. Google keeps changing the algorithms number of times over the yea, and it is difficult to keep up with all of the changes. However, we have listed the most important updates in 2019 that you need to be aware of while making decisions in digital marketing. These stats will help you to back your optimisation while others struggle with the new changes.


Google takes around 75 percent of the search engine market. You will have to optimise your website according to the rules of Google since it is dominating and is most likely to develop conversions for your business.  Google can help you understand the requirements of your customers through Google searches console.

50 percent of the searches on Google are four words or longer. This generally includes all the keywords for what the user is searching for. You need to make sure that you research these keywords and use them in your content so that Google and analyse and provide your links when users search for such keywords.

The websites are supposed to be optimised for mobile use as more Google searches take place on mobile phones as compared to laptops and desktops. The world is moving from heavy devices to mobile phones at rapid rates, so you must optimise your website according to the usage of your audience.


Did you know that the average post on the first page results is of at least 1500-2000 words? As mentioned above, most of the searches are of more than four words, try to make the content as specific as you can so that no matter what the user searches for, your website should contain the keywords, and automatically Google will prefer your content to provide the best results to its users.

The more informative and rich your content is, the better you get at optimising your website for generating more traffic and have a wider audience clicking on your links daily. Also, you need to understand that your competitors are also improving their website interface and content, so you need to have an improvement in your website every day to be ahead.

Local Search

Local searches have increased at a rapid rate as compared to the random searched. Google has reported “near me” has doubled in the past year due to the introduction of websites of every local store in your area. Make sure your site is up to date and has all the information about your service to get recognised by the people in your area, even for a SEO agency people prefer words like ‘SEO Toronto’ and an updated site will fetch you more results. With the increase in the popularity of your content and website, you will have more people visiting your physical store or will more likely to opt for your service since you are providing it near to them.

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