How to Design Your Website for Maximum Effect

Businesses pursue particular lines of action for three principal reasons. The first one is profit. The other two are expanding market reach and reinforcing their relationship with their stakeholders. One company, Hustle Life, feels that you need to design your website carefully so that you can achieve these objectives, especially if you operate an e-commerce site. Ordinary businesses and personal blogs can benefit from it as well.

web designFor example, adopting a minimalist approach on your homepage is an excellent idea. Remember, Minimalism is an art form that became popular in the 1960s and 70s. It emphasizes simplicity within a de-cluttered environment. In this case, your homepage would include relevant links only, a few pictures if any, social media buttons, and your contact information.

Other things that it should contain are a few lines about your business products and a call to action. Opting for minimalism on your homepage would be a brilliant move because it would keep people on your page. More specifically, the bounce rate would be low because online visitors would see what they want as they land on your homepage.

  • Make Your Site Navigable

You can start by creating a menu at the top of each webpage. More specifically, it can be at the header. Design it conspicuously so that people can notice it quickly. This menu would help them move to another webpage without much difficulty. Vertical navigation tools are an excellent idea as well. People can click on these tools to move to the top or bottom of the page.

Creating a footer that is full of relevant links is another way of improving navigation on your good design Some of the links should lead online visitors to web pages that focus on FAQ, terms of use, and contact information among other things. Remember, navigation is critical because it makes it easy for online visitors to find the information they want including checkout links.

  • Shift to a Mobile Responsive Website

Statistics show that people are using their smartphones to access the internet than they are their laptops or desktops. For example, did you know that internet usage on mobile phone devices surpassed that of PCs and Macs in 2016? Unfortunately, website owners failed when it came to adapting to this kind of change.

More specifically, they did not shift to responsive sites. Remember, responsive websites adapt to the device that you are using. That means you can view them on your smartphone with little or no difficulty.   In contrast, nothing is as tedious as going through non-responsive websites on your phone. Consequently, smartphone users view these sites as uninviting.

  • Go for the Right Kind of Font to Improve Readability

website themeHaving an impact on your online visitors is impossible if viewing content on your site is difficult or impossible. Unfortunately, website owners fail when it comes to choosing the right setting for improving readability on their websites. That means online visitors will miss the information you have on your site because they cannot read it.

You can remedy this situation by creating a suitable contrast between the text in your website and the background to it. The font size has to be readable as well. For example, a 12pt font is too small. Instead, go for 16pt. Sans Serif fonts are also better than Serif fonts are. More specifically, they are easily readable so go for them.