Best Online Form Builder Apps In 2019

Mobile form builders are generally some of the easiest and straightforward apps where you can easily create questions and collect responses in the field of your research. You can easily create a spreadsheet and with the help of advanced data processing tools, build your forms. Some of the best tools to help you build your form include:


Google forms

Google forms is the best form of builder app, as it is entirely free and all you need is a google account to help you use this app. It is incredibly fast and also easy to edit and add more fields. You can also set up the questions in options for a long and short answer, text boxes or multiple choice selections are also available. As it comes with google sheet integration, you can easily use the spreadsheet and validate your entries.


Microsoft forms

Microsoft forms are better is for someone who prefers excel rather than Google. Microsoft forms are fast and simple; you can easily add a question and choose from the answer format. It allows its respondents to upload files and you can also send people direct links. You can later easily integrate the data into a Microsoft spreadsheet and visualize your collected data in a tabular manner. Microsoft forms is one if the best mobile form builder due to its easy accessibility in smartphones.



Wufoo is a part of survey monkey, it is one of the earliest web apps, wufoo form builder may look a bit dated, but in this case, looks are deceiving. Wufoo makes up for its lacks of design aesthetic with its extreme customisability, which builds a form which is extremely unique. You can easily adjust form field and align the page, display responses in multiple columns and also build themes and backgrounds. If you are opting for a premium plan, you can easily create branching and logic redirect respondents. Wufoo is free for one user for up to five forms, and the starter plan starts from $19 per month.



Jot forms let you build a free from which you can customize to make it look exactly how you want. JotForms allows you to accept payments and collect signatures without even upgrading your premium plan. This is all available with just a free account, and you only need to upgrade the app to enable you to build more than five forms. If you find it difficult to review your forms, you can easily set up an RSS feed to help you review the responses. If you are planning to get a plan from JotForm, it will cost you around $19.



If you want your forms responses to be through and the industry you work for are highly regulated, Formstock is the best option for your business. Formstock is a perfect app if you are looking for a more advanced way to manage your forms data and build forms to get expected results.