Analyzing the Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Headset in Tech Sales

Sales are a very important aspect of every tech business. Toying with sales is like leaving your money out in the rain. The crucial effects of sales run directly to your customers who are your first bosses; it is either they get the best impression or they get the worst and this automatically affects your bottom line. Having all that your sales team needs for better communication to customers can increase the ability for them to achieve their set goals in the workplace.

This is a huge key to running a great business. One such tool is a headset for receiving and placing calls. Today, thanks to technology, headsets now come with Bluetooth, enabling them to be wireless. They don’t need those cords that make you so uncomfortable with tangling and twisting just because they need to be connected to a phone. While wires are certainly a pain, there are numerous benefits of equipping your sales staff with wireless headsets as you’ll see below.

Increasing efficiency and productivity: Using a Bluetooth headset allows you to talk freely with customers without siting in place or having to stand in one position all the time. By not being tied down, you’re able to travel, multi-task, and handle other responsibilities throughout the day, all why making sales at the same time.  The point is that you can do other things and not focus all your time on just making calls. Taking advantage of a device like this can allow you to do more work and get more done throughout the day. It has been estimated to push work efficiency up to 40%.


Improve the quality of service to a customer: The use of a Bluetooth device has a direct impact on the quality of customer service, according to AMP Payment Systems merchant solutions.  Imagine the break in transmission and focus when you twisted the cord or it pulled out by mistake and you are trying to fix it back hastily while you’re still on the phone with a prospect.  We’ve all been there, and it is a complete mess.  You become disjointed and can even lose that conversation and ultimately lose the customer. You can take charge of the conversation with a Bluetooth headset and also have free hands to check out information that the customer might need.

Reduce stress on the employee: The act of tending towards a wire or sitting for long periods of time leads to poor posture and pain in the neck region. Health professionals have advised that people who have to sit in the office often, should find some time to walk around or stand more often. Having to stay connected to a desk as a sales representative can restrict you from freedom and movement. The advantage of free head movement and the ability to stand and move around freely can help improve the posture and physical health of sales representatives. You become and feel smarter with freehand devices like the Bluetooth headset.

Better voice and speaker quality:  While this largely depends on the model, a Bluetooth headset comes with better voice and speaker quality than other headsets, making communication with the customer or prospect clearer and easier to understand. When there is no hitch in communication, sales are much more productive.

Using the latest technology in sales like the Bluetooth headset may not seem like a necessity to most organizations, but as noted above, the advantages that come with using a wireless headset far outway the costs incurred to the organization. The fact that you would have more freedom and better communication with your customers is an advantage that will show, which will summarily impact your overall business performance and bottom line.  This is simply something that makes it a paramount must-have for any business that is wanting to grow and make a profit. While it may seem like a small thing from the outside, both your sales staff and customers will thank you in the end.