A New Age Editing Tool – Luminar 4

Skylum’s constant software innovations have to lead to the development of a new age editing software that is rumoured to replace Adobe Lightroom. This software, named Luminar 4, is cutting the noise in the field of photography and editing. This new age editing software has imported innovations, surprises, and even a bit of controversy.

Both the controversy and the surprise factors are streamlined to the influx of new interfaces. It often keeps the users wondering where all the “saved pictures” and work disappeared! In addition to that, the latest releases of the Luminar 4 version have also eliminated the mix and match and the workspaces option. In the newer four versions, they have been replaced by a more condensed, streamlines, and consolidated workspace.

But based on Skylum Luminar 4 Review, customers are dedicated to emphasizing on the Artificial Intelligence technology, which is an AI Sky Replacement Tool. The tool is extended to its use on the new portrait enhancement and the AI Structure denatures that also join the existing 2.0 Auto Image enhancement opportunity. The most common feature in all of this is the ability to detect images in the frontline as well as the background and apply the sufficient enhancement property to every image in the picture.


  • The most spectacular feature of this version of Skylum Luminar is the AI Sky Replacement tool. This feature identifies the presence of sky in an outdoor setting and sharpens the images that could be the trees, edges of branches, etc., without the use of even a single mouse click.
  • They provide an entire library of options to drop all the work done.
  • It is not only a photo enhancer, but it is also an image editing tool, that offers options like photo enhancing, tone and color correction, cropping, geometric, and raw correction tools.
  • The updated version has also introduced the cataloging and the integrated image browsing tools which are extremely fast and useful but are not as sophisticated as the Lightroom’s features and options.

Latest updates

Skylum software is committed to providing the best user experience through all of their products, and Luminar 4 is one among them. Luminar 4 was launched in 2019, and there have been various updates ever since its launch. The new update of 4.1 has added the feature of AI Sky replacement, hazing the scenes by using the new atmospheric hazing tool, and many more. The 4.2 version has introduced the AI Augmented Sky tools that add various features to the sky like birds, plants, and many more. The most recent update is 4.3 that has enhanced the applications’ search facility to search for image names, extensions, folder, date, and many other features.

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