SEO Statistics

SEO Statistics You Can Learn

SEO is changing every day, and every company needs constant optimisation of their websites to be ahead of their competition. It has become a race, and those who pay less attention to the optimisation of their websites are comparatively losing the sales about similar websites. The only thing which can preserve the reputation of your website is your buyer persona value. Google keeps changing the algorithms number of times over the yea, and it is difficult to keep up with all of the changes. However, we have listed the most important updates in 2019 that you need to be aware of while making decisions in digital marketing. These stats will help you to back your optimisation while others struggle with the new changes.


Google takes around 75 percent of the search engine market. You will have to optimise your website according to the rules of Google since it is dominating and is most likely to develop conversions for your business.  Google can help you understand the requirements of your customers through Google searches console.

50 percent of the searches on Google are four words or longer. This generally includes all the keywords for what the user is searching for. You need to make sure that you research these keywords and use them in your content so that Google and analyse and provide your links when users search for such keywords.

The websites are supposed to be optimised for mobile use as more Google searches take place on mobile phones as compared to laptops and desktops. The world is moving from heavy devices to mobile phones at rapid rates, so you must optimise your website according to the usage of your audience.


Did you know that the average post on the first page results is of at least 1500-2000 words? As mentioned above, most of the searches are of more than four words, try to make the content as specific as you can so that no matter what the user searches for, your website should contain the keywords, and automatically Google will prefer your content to provide the best results to its users.

The more informative and rich your content is, the better you get at optimising your website for generating more traffic and have a wider audience clicking on your links daily. Also, you need to understand that your competitors are also improving their website interface and content, so you need to have an improvement in your website every day to be ahead.

Local Search

Local searches have increased at a rapid rate as compared to the random searched. Google has reported “near me” has doubled in the past year due to the introduction of websites of every local store in your area. Make sure your site is up to date and has all the information about your service to get recognised by the people in your area, even for a SEO agency people prefer words like ‘SEO Toronto’ and an updated site will fetch you more results. With the increase in the popularity of your content and website, you will have more people visiting your physical store or will more likely to opt for your service since you are providing it near to them.

Service Scheduling

Benefits of Automated Field Service Scheduling

Performing functions and procedures manually seems to be a thing for the past. Nowadays, companies and firms perform all their tasks in manners which seem to take less time and effort. Automated field service scheduling is one such process through which companies have been benefitting time and time again. So let’s find out why.


1. Uncertain World


We live in a time and age where things happen in an unexpected manner providing less scope for predicting them. But with automated callout system in place, these errors can be minimized to a large extent. Reducing such risks and errors by providing employees and customers with an immediate update is essential to maintain the level of efficiency.  Hence for smooth and disruptive functioning, you know what to include.

2. Transparent Decisions


Every firm or organization requires swift decisions for its smooth functioning. These are necessary to maintain customer satisfaction, which directly influences the factor of survival. Utilizing the data needed to ensure productivity in this regard is essential for most organizations. This also minimizes instances where you require to seek more information from customers in a manner which may seem to be disturbing for them.


3. Graphical Scheduling

When technicians, employees, and other members of an organization are provided with a list of tasks and activities, they spend less time in deciding how to manage them. This process, commonly known as Graphical User Interface(GUI), displays the schedule in a calendar type format so that you are well aware of what you need to do even before the day begins. Completing these tasks well in hand enhances customer experience and keeps them satisfied.

4. Highly Effective


This software enhances day to day activities in the best manner possible. In companies and organizations where they have to meet clients and potential customers, scheduling such events is necessary to elaborate on its effectiveness. Employees and members involved with this process need to sum up the activity in a way which will incur fewer costs. Hence the software allocated members based on their geographical locations, making it convenient for both parties. This saves time and effort where clients receive information in advance, keeping their hopes positive when it comes to customer satisfaction.


5. Employee Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is necessary, but that cannot be achieved if the functioning of the firm does not boost employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is one of the best ways to enhance quality in service where the workforce is motivated to perform by putting in all their potential. This software minimizes all the necessary aspects of their work, making their life easy. A valuable mix between work life and life, in general, is essential for an employee to stay focused without experiencing depression and other types of problems.


Form Builder Apps

Best Online Form Builder Apps In 2019

Mobile form builders are generally some of the easiest and straightforward apps where you can easily create questions and collect responses in the field of your research. You can easily create a spreadsheet and with the help of advanced data processing tools, build your forms. Some of the best tools to help you build your form include:


Google forms

Google forms is the best form of builder app, as it is entirely free and all you need is a google account to help you use this app. It is incredibly fast and also easy to edit and add more fields. You can also set up the questions in options for a long and short answer, text boxes or multiple choice selections are also available. As it comes with google sheet integration, you can easily use the spreadsheet and validate your entries.


Microsoft forms

Microsoft forms are better is for someone who prefers excel rather than Google. Microsoft forms are fast and simple; you can easily add a question and choose from the answer format. It allows its respondents to upload files and you can also send people direct links. You can later easily integrate the data into a Microsoft spreadsheet and visualize your collected data in a tabular manner. Microsoft forms is one if the best mobile form builder due to its easy accessibility in smartphones.



Wufoo is a part of survey monkey, it is one of the earliest web apps, wufoo form builder may look a bit dated, but in this case, looks are deceiving. Wufoo makes up for its lacks of design aesthetic with its extreme customisability, which builds a form which is extremely unique. You can easily adjust form field and align the page, display responses in multiple columns and also build themes and backgrounds. If you are opting for a premium plan, you can easily create branching and logic redirect respondents. Wufoo is free for one user for up to five forms, and the starter plan starts from $19 per month.



Jot forms let you build a free from which you can customize to make it look exactly how you want. JotForms allows you to accept payments and collect signatures without even upgrading your premium plan. This is all available with just a free account, and you only need to upgrade the app to enable you to build more than five forms. If you find it difficult to review your forms, you can easily set up an RSS feed to help you review the responses. If you are planning to get a plan from JotForm, it will cost you around $19.



If you want your forms responses to be through and the industry you work for are highly regulated, Formstock is the best option for your business. Formstock is a perfect app if you are looking for a more advanced way to manage your forms data and build forms to get expected results.


Analyzing the Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Headset in Tech Sales

Sales are a very important aspect of every tech business. Toying with sales is like leaving your money out in the rain. The crucial effects of sales run directly to your customers who are your first bosses; it is either they get the best impression or they get the worst and this automatically affects your bottom line. Having all that your sales team needs for better communication to customers can increase the ability for them to achieve their set goals in the workplace.

This is a huge key to running a great business. One such tool is a headset for receiving and placing calls. Today, thanks to technology, headsets now come with Bluetooth, enabling them to be wireless. They don’t need those cords that make you so uncomfortable with tangling and twisting just because they need to be connected to a phone. While wires are certainly a pain, there are numerous benefits of equipping your sales staff with wireless headsets as you’ll see below.

Increasing efficiency and productivity: Using a Bluetooth headset allows you to talk freely with customers without siting in place or having to stand in one position all the time. By not being tied down, you’re able to travel, multi-task, and handle other responsibilities throughout the day, all why making sales at the same time.  The point is that you can do other things and not focus all your time on just making calls. Taking advantage of a device like this can allow you to do more work and get more done throughout the day. It has been estimated to push work efficiency up to 40%.


Improve the quality of service to a customer: The use of a Bluetooth device has a direct impact on the quality of customer service, according to AMP Payment Systems merchant solutions.  Imagine the break in transmission and focus when you twisted the cord or it pulled out by mistake and you are trying to fix it back hastily while you’re still on the phone with a prospect.  We’ve all been there, and it is a complete mess.  You become disjointed and can even lose that conversation and ultimately lose the customer. You can take charge of the conversation with a Bluetooth headset and also have free hands to check out information that the customer might need.

Reduce stress on the employee: The act of tending towards a wire or sitting for long periods of time leads to poor posture and pain in the neck region. Health professionals have advised that people who have to sit in the office often, should find some time to walk around or stand more often. Having to stay connected to a desk as a sales representative can restrict you from freedom and movement. The advantage of free head movement and the ability to stand and move around freely can help improve the posture and physical health of sales representatives. You become and feel smarter with freehand devices like the Bluetooth headset.

Better voice and speaker quality:  While this largely depends on the model, a Bluetooth headset comes with better voice and speaker quality than other headsets, making communication with the customer or prospect clearer and easier to understand. When there is no hitch in communication, sales are much more productive.

Using the latest technology in sales like the Bluetooth headset may not seem like a necessity to most organizations, but as noted above, the advantages that come with using a wireless headset far outway the costs incurred to the organization. The fact that you would have more freedom and better communication with your customers is an advantage that will show, which will summarily impact your overall business performance and bottom line.  This is simply something that makes it a paramount must-have for any business that is wanting to grow and make a profit. While it may seem like a small thing from the outside, both your sales staff and customers will thank you in the end.

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The Zen of Competitive Computer Gaming

Do you know what a gaming computer is? It is a PC that has been made to process high measures of information which are mentioned when playing multiplayer web-based games (pretending) or online shooter games.

Since loads of computer games have turned out to be increasingly intricate, the illustrations that are incorporated here need more memory to be prepared quickly. All computers have a card with top of the line designs and with a quick focal handling unit that is accessible economically. At the point when the preparing unit and designs card are quick, the time between the contribution of the gamer and the season of activity that is put upon the weapon or the character is decreased. As you most likely know, even a second can affect losing or winning a round of this sort.

Typically, gaming computers incorporate a greater RAM than what one may require for straightforward home applications. If a computer has a major RAM, at that point the CPU can get to the data which is held away more as often as possible. This is a fundamental component for the individuals who need to have an extraordinary gaming background. This kind of computer is outfitted with loads of USB ports, where the client can connect fringe components. The ports are put on the front piece of the computer to enable the fringe components to have quicker access.

Clear sound and video are critical with regards to gaming, and the computers worked for this are regularly great as far as sound cards or illustrations. Of late, innovation has developed stunningly, and gaming designs have begun to look more alive than any other time in recent memory. Also that the imaging framework needs cutting edge cards that can offer the designs that one may require in this aggressive world. It doesn’t make a difference if we are discussing stationary units or convenient PCs. A computer that is used for gaming must have a superior nature of the screen and brilliant stereo speakers.

The fringe gadgets are profoundly specific and they incorporate info gadgets which are underestimated the vast majority of the occasions. A model for this situation is the console. Heaps of gamers would prefer to play their games in rooms that are low lit or even with no light by any means. This reality leads to the improvement of the illuminated gaming console.

This is a console that is anticipated particularly for gaming and which has a specific sort of keys that are intended to unite the directions that ordinarily go into keystrokes. The console radiates a kind of blue light that is intended to feature the keys when it’s dim. This was made for individuals who need to encounter a powerful gaming procedure and grow better reflexes. To this end, regularly one can have an extraordinary time playing such cooking games.

As one can even get familiar with a lot about cooking while at the same time playing, one might need to take notes identified with any sustenance or plans one feels may make a decent dinner progressively. Thusly, if one has an enthusiasm for the culinary expressions, one might be keen on playing these and other glimmer games as most are arranged toward such culinary abilities and plans.